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Cohesion's  Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) program monitors and optimizes air flow to minimize pollutants.

Measure, Verify, and Take Action of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Monitor Air Quality Real Time

Monitor pollutant levels

Ensure safe PM2.5 levels, which indicate appropriate air flow to mitigate the spread of viruses

Compare indoor versus outdoor air quality

Intelligently Optimize Air Quality

Increase air flow to suites intelligently if any pollutant levels start to rise

Alert building management and engineering if pollutants rise and notify when intelligent air flow adjustments are made


of employees want to know the air quality inside of their workplace


How We Optimize Air Quality

Cohesion's Intelligent Building Platform connects to air quality sensors and the building's automation and controls system to monitor air quality components.

sensors collect real-time IAQ data

IAQ levels are monitored in the app

HVAC/IAQ optimization service

command increased air flow via HVAC system

air quality is optimized

Why should I optimize air quality in my building?

Drive environmental system changes and airflow adjustments to improve IAQ based on the data received from sensors

Improve transparency by providing occupants visibiity into indoor environmental conditions

Boost employees' confidence that building operators are continuously monitoring and responding to the factors that keep the building healthy


Let's talk about how Cohesion can  deliver real intelligence to your building, all in real time.

Cohesion is leading the way in autonomous building technology - seamlessly connecting critical systems with the human ecosystem, simplifying management through transparent operations and increasing asset value for owners by delivering better tenant experiences.




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