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Our IAQ program monitors and optimizes air flow to minimize pollutants.

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Cohesion’s Indoor Air Quality Program allows building owners and operators to deliver a healthy building to occupants by monitoring pollutants and optimizing to remove the pollutants in real time. 


Following building certification guidelines, we digitally plan sensor locations and the corresponding mechanical systems

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We monitor TVOC, PM2.5, PM10.0, and CO2 pollutants and alert permissioned operators to high levels based on ASHRAE guidelines

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Automatically optimize building conditions through an artificial intelligence and remote BAS operation that increases air flow and notifies management of adjustments

Understand how pollutants move through your space using powerful insights, allowing a deep dive into building trends


of employees want to know the air quality

inside of their workplace

Get the Only UL Verified
Healthy Building Program with Real Time Monitoring


UL Verified  Health Building Program  


Real Time Smart Controlled   


Backed Up by


Engineering  Services

Demonstrates that you are taking steps to provide a healthy environment for occupants. It includes visual inspection from UL and IAQ performance testing to evaluate a detailed range of building conditions. 

Using integrated sensors, Cohesion lets you and your occupants monitor real-time air quality based on various pollutants including total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs), particulates and carbon dioxide (CO2). 

Should any element of your environmental system require mechanical upgrades or replacement, our partnership with ESD Global provides access to world-class engineering design services. 

Cohesion's Mobile App
Places the reassurance of your commitment to a healthy indoor environment in the hands of your occupants. 



How We Optimize Air Quality

Cohesion's Intelligent Building Platform connects to air quality sensors and the building's automation and controls system to monitor air quality components.

sensors collect real-time IAQ data

IAQ levels are monitored in the app

HVAC/IAQ optimization service

command increased air flow via HVAC system

air quality is optimized

Why should I optimize air quality in my building?

Drive environmental system changes and airflow adjustments to improve IAQ based on the data received from sensors

Improve transparency by providing occupants visibiity into indoor environmental conditions

Boost employees' confidence that building operators are continuously monitoring and responding to the factors that keep the building healthy

Why Cohesion Smart Building Proptech Pla

Let's talk about how Cohesion can deliver real intelligence to your building, all in real time.