Improve building resiliency.

Real estate is rapidly changing.   Let Cohesion help you stay ahead.

Cohesion empowers real estate owners to maximize asset and portfolio value with all building systems, workflows and people seamlessly connected in one intelligent building platform.


Cohesion is a Building Experience App that integrates building systems, enhances tenant experiences, provides smart controls, and delivers actionable insights for commercial real estate.


Cohesion is leading the way in

Intelligent Building Technology

Seamlessly join critical building systems with the human ecosystem

Simplify management through building automation

Increase asset value for owners by delivering better tenant experiences and reducing costs


Real intelligence. Real operational improvements. All in real time.

Building Experience App

Tenant comfort

Amenity reservations

Automated building workflows

Actionable insights

Smart IoT Integrations


Indoor air quality (IAQ)

In-app elevator call buttons

Digital keycard


Digital twin

IAQ optimization

Demand responsive HVAC

Continuous commissioning

Cohesion's IoT platform provides smart controls and prepares you for the future of autonomous building technology, powered by our digital twin.


Connected building technology enhancing the human experience.