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Smart Experience

Simplify Security And Modernize Physical Access With An Instant, Reliable Mobile Experience.

Elevate your building and workplaces by connecting users with digital services, content, messaging, and immersive experiences that delight tenants and employees Stay ahead of the curve by harnessing insights into user preferences and tailoring your offerings accordingly.

With Cohesion, users can effortlessly explore the workspace and its surrounding community, reserve spaces, participate in building polls, assess transit options, secure parking, and stay in the loop with seamless communications.

Real Estate Is Rapidly Changing, Here's Why You Need Tech Now

User Satisfaction
Daily Interactions
User Adoption

Feature-Rich At Your Fingertips

Feature-Rich At Effortlessly navigate building and neighborhood events, book conference rooms, and tap into an array of services – all at your fingertips.Gain comprehensive insights of user activities, space and service utilization, and comfort preferences so you can optimize experiences for peak performance.Your Fingertips


Foster a greater sense of community and encourage participation with a transparent view of what’s happening at your workplace – available to any employee, vendor, or facility staff.


Create community and establish trust and transparency between employees and facility staff with notifications to inform everyone of workplace events, general announcements, emergency alerts, and more.


Never lose track of another document with centralized documents storage accessible on mobile and the web platform. Your employees and facility staff have the power of information with walkable files at their fingertips.


Provide additional convenience for people inside your office or building with a map of nearby establishments, order food, book a workout or save with VIP offers.

Transportation + Parking

Give commuters an upper hand with local transit status near the building – quickly accessible on the app home screen. Make parking a breeze with in-app discovery, booking, and payments.

Experience Analytics

Make informed decisions utilizing aggregated monthly metrics related to how departments engage with your workplace spaces and services—including occupancy rate, number of visitors/visits scheduled, utilization of shared spaces and amenities, and the type and frequency of service requests filed

Reservations and Wayfinding

Give control back to your employees with access to amenity information, search for and reserve rooms or spaces, and pay for reservations within the app or web platform.Increase engagement and occupancy in your workplace by matching unused space with employee needs. Eliminate outside vendors for flex spaces and hot-desking capabilities.

Enviroment Add-On

Elevate engagement with a personalized space.

Deliver on promises of wellbeing with comfort controls that can be managed individually and optimized widely for improved productivity and satisfaction

  • Temperature Controls
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Air Quality Optimization
  • ESG Snapshot


Do All People At The Building Get Access To Make A Work Order Request?

Only the people that you provide permission can process a work order. This can be as many or as few roles within the building as you like. With Cohesion, you benefit from rich customization of roles and permission across the platform, to ensure the right people can perform the right building tasks.

How Long Does It Take To Get Started With Smart Maintenance?

Cohesion has a dedicated implementation team that proactively engages with your building staff to all existing and new building systems setup on the platform. We also host trainings, share how-to guides, and ensure every tenant company adoption is high.

Does Cohesion Work With My Existing BAS System?

Yes! The Cohesion app does not replace or break the existing functionality your BAS system provides. In fact, Cohesion sends commands to devices directly to augment existing systems based on a broad set of contextual data. We make any building a smart building and help you achieve digital cohesion with our real time maintenance management features.

Do You Integrate With My Current Maintenance Software?

If you have an existing solution that you have grown used to, we offer deep integrations with most major maintenance platforms so there is no interruption of service for your team.

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Enhance security, improve comfort, increase efficiency, communicate better, and personalize the human experience. That’s power through Cohesion, your unified smart real estate software platform for commercial and enterprise.

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