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Create digital buildings that are healthy, engaging, and green

Cohesion empowers real estate owners to maximize asset and portfolio value in a secure manner with all building systems, workflows and people seamlessly connected into one intelligent building platform.

Cohesion Experience Product for Commerci

Cohesion Experience

Seamless and sophisticated, Cohesion Experience delivers the best-in-class experience to tenants while improving health, wellness, and efficiency.

Tenant Experience Platform

Communicate with tenants, build community, promote in-building retail, and provide transportation options.

Mass Communications & Chat

Receive timely updates on building conditions and events

Building Calendar & Information

See what's happening in the building

Promotions / Food & Beverage

Find promotions from retailers in your building


Find, reserve, and pay for parking or view nearby public transportation

Smart Controls

Increase efficiency and productivity with smart controls throughout your building.

IAQ Optimization

Provide transparency to real-time air quality metrics

Access Control & Mobile Keycard

Touchless access throughout the building

In-App Elevator Call Button

Never touch a dirty elevator button again

Operations Tools

Streamline manual tasks and reduce spreadsheets used by operations teams while offering digital tools for tenants.

Amenity Reservations

Make amenity reservations from your phone

Service + Maintenance Management

Initiate service and maintenance requests

HVAC Controls

View, schedule, and control temperature in the building

Document Repository

Store, manage, and share documents based on permissions

Visitor Management

Manage guest visits, self-service access, and arrival notifications

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Cohesion Intelligence

Working directly with your building systems, Cohesion Intelligence gives you access to untapped data. You get comprehensive insights on how to maximize your ROI and ensure demand-driven operations.

Data Insights

View actionable insights to inform planning and decision-making through query tools and dashboards

Occupancy Reporting

Understand current building occupant traffic

Data Export

Download .csv exports of data from any feature or integration within Cohesion's platform to perform custom analysis

Space Utilization & Service Request Metrics

View metrics of service request performance as well as how amenities are used by type and by tenant

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Cohesion Autonomy

Power autonomy in your building with the industry's most comprehensive data.

IAQ Optimization

Automatically improve indoor air quality based on air quality sensors in a space

HVAC Automation

Automate functions including air flow to optimize building systems without human intervention

Automated Service & Maintenance Schedules

Leveraging data from continuous monitoring and fault detection, create automated service and maintenance schedules

Energy Optimization

Optimize energy consumption by assets to reach new levels of sustainability

Cohesion Indoor Air Quality Program Hero

Say hello to a healthier and smarter future.