Environmental, Social and Governance 

In commercial real estate, ESG-focused efforts are now more important than ever, as investors and tenants alike expect this level of transparency. A systematic and informed approach to baselining, managing, and reporting ESG issues at the building level and across the portfolio can protect and significantly enhance investment value.  

Building ESG Snapshot

The Building ESG Snapshot reports harness data from property operations to create a powerful, succinct reporting package. These reports showcase a single property and can be aggregated across an entire portfolio. For most portfolios, it reduces or eliminates resources needed to aggregate comprehensive building-level data. 

  • Environmental reporting including indoor air quality (IAQ), energy, water, waste, greenhouse gas (GHG) and building environmental certifications

  • Social reporting metrics including building health, transportation, space utilization and community engagement 

  • Governance reporting including vendor diversity, certificate of insurance tracking, and alarms and drills

Value of ESG Reports 
  • Financial savings in comprehensive data access

  • Time savings on manual processes of issuing surveys and report design

  • Transparency of sustainability goals to attract and retain tenants  

  • A data-driven tool for building management when discussing ESG initiatives  

  • Market expertise in Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and ESG data mapping