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Mobile Credentials -
Directly on Your Phone

As the first to launch with mobile credentials and Google Wallet in partnership with HID, offer have seamless integration for quick access from your Android devices. Our comprehensive cloud-based software merges credentials, card readers, and user management into one unified solution. This streamlines access for instant and secure entry with mobile keycards and digital wallets across the most popular smartphones and smartwatches.

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Mobile Keycard

One Unified Solution

Users can store their mobile keycards securely in Apple Wallet or Google Wallet for instant access - plus BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) for the widest range of devices and hassle-free access management.

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    Google Wallet

    Full support for Google Wallet for Android smartphones and devices to ensure broader user adoption.

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    Apple Wallet

    Easily store your mobile keycards in Apple Wallet with our one-click setup, enabling instant access from iOS devices.

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    Our direct BLE support also ensures the widest compatibility across diverse implementations and environments.

Fully Integrated

Explore the benefits of our comprehensive and fully integrated cloud-based software solution for seamless access control.

Say Goodbye to Plastic Cards

Touchless access to all spaces and places in your properties - parking, doors, turnstiles, elevators, and office suites. Simply wave a mobile device for instant access.

Enhanced User Privacy and Security

With robust privacy settings and advanced security features, our solution ensures that access control is both secure and compliant with privacy standards.

SOC 2 and UL Verified

Cohesion's platform adheres the highest industry standards of security and performance with full SOC 2 compliance and UL's Smart System Verified Platinum designation.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Experience uninterrupted access control, even when your device needs a charge, ensuring accesibility and convenience.

Simple User Setup

Streamline user setup with intuitive processes, making it easy for users to get started and access their credentials.

Compatibility and Continuity

Our solution offers compatibility across a wide range of devices, ensuring continuity and compatibility for access management.

Easy Provisioning and Quick Removal

Smart Access is built for easy and fast provisioning so staff can grant access to spaces as needed - or remove them by remote if necessary.

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