Cohesion Achieves Highest Rating in Smart Systems Certification from UL
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Cohesion Achieves Highest Rating in Smart Systems Certification from UL

CHICAGO, Illinois, May 15, 2024: We are thrilled to announce that Cohesion has received the highest rating of Platinum from UL's Smart Systems Certification. This prestigious recognition reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence in software practices and underscores the reliability and innovation of our technology.

In a market flooded with costly custom solutions and unverified claims, Cohesion stands out. Our repeatable software platform, independently verified, delivers on its promises, offering trusted and proven technology. The rigorous and comprehensive assessment by UL highlights the robustness and effectiveness of our platform.Additionally, Cohesion holds 5 patents granted by the United States Patent andTrademark Office (USPTO).

To achieve the SmartSystem Verified Platinum rating, UL Solutions rigorously assessed Cohesion’s platform in six key categories: connectivity and interoperability, control and automation, digital experience, functional value, resiliency, and cybersecurity.Each category included various sub-categories for a comprehensive evaluation, leveraging UL’s science-based methodology throughout the process.

We are incredibly proud of our dedicated team for this remarkable achievement.

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About Cohesion

Cohesion leads the charge in transforming buildings into smart, connected environments. Its software platform bridges the gap between physical spaces and digital convenience, enhancing tenant experiences through intuitive solutions and driving operational efficiencies with AI-powered insights. Designed to scale across the spectrum of commercial real estate assets, Cohesion's platform enables owners to future-proof their investments and propel their properties into the new digital era. Learn more at www.cohesionib.com.

May 15, 2024

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