Unifying Data Across
People, Systems, & Spaces

Savvy by Cohesion is a real-time, real estate data platform that gives business leaders live insights to boost the value and performance of their real estate portfolio.


Easily Connect All Your Sources to One View

Unifying real estate and workplace data across cloud, on-prem, and enterprise systems for actionable insights.

Improved Decision Making

Greater data visibility for better forecasting, efficient resource planning, reduced costs, and more productive employees.

Simplified Analysis

Portfolio and enterprise data in full context and detail without waiting around for data scientists or IT resources.

Everything, All in One Place

Complete, centralized data access ready for analysis and discovery.

Easy Data Aquisition

Seamless connection and fast aggregation to quickly import data streams in real time.

Savvy by cohesion. Insights Dashboard allows people to connect data and find insight with their real estate data.

Streamline Your Data Stack With One Solution



Collecting data from various hardware, software, and IoT sources.
02 Data Aggregation


Combining and organizing data into a unified format for streamlined analysis.
03 Data Context


Enriching data with context to enhance its relevance and usability.
04 Data Governance


Ensuring data quality, security, and compliance through robust management practices.
05 insights


Transforming data into actionable insights that drive informed decision-making.
06 AI


Utilizing artificial intelligence to automate processes, optimize resource planning, and reduce costs.

/ Hey Savvy...

Savvy is the first advanced AI chat assistant built exclusively for real estate professionals and their teams. It knows the questions you’re going to ask, so it can give you the answers you need.

  • Space Utilization
  • Resource Planning
  • Energy Baselines
  • Space Rationalization
Hey Savvy Button
How is RTO compared to last month in our Miami Office?
What departments are not following the RTO guidelines?
Where can I cut operating costs by 10% over the holidays?
What office leases are coming up for renewal in then next 2 years across my portfolio?
Is the sales team in Seattle using their new conference rooms?
Has indoor air quality improved in the last seven days at the LA properties?
What average daily occupancy can I expect over the next 14 days in San Mateo? What about the engineers? Finance teams?
What is the occupancy forecast for the next 2 weeks in the Miami office?
What month has the highest PTO use for the Chicago offices?  
Which industries are more in-office use in my building?
What are the peak times for amenity reservations at the 20NW Office?
What tenant is putting in the most maintenance requests over the past six months?
What are the trends in mobile keycard adoption over the past year in the 20NW Office?
How does outdoor temperatures and weather affect occupancy in my building?
Database options and Charts showing the various ways savvy can create insights.

Analysis to Insights, All in Full Context


Savvy includes pre-calibrated dashboards and reports so you can see data in full context across your entire portfolio and operations.  


Segment your portfolio across any axis (city, location, address, people group, energy use) so you can identify best performing assets and groups.


Gauge and compare your portfolio against comps so that you can identify market trends, understand property valuations, and enhance your operational strategy.


Easily export and share insights with stakeholders to enhance property performance and refine key metrics so you can quickly interpret complex real estate data collaboratively.


Access Your Operational Data in Real-Time

Resolve data complexities, enabling the consumption of both current and historical data for comprehensive insights.

  • Access Control
  • Sensors & Readers
  • Elevators
  • HVAC and Equipment
  • Leasing and Finance
  • Other

Let's Get Savvy

Contact us today to see exactly how Savvy by Cohesion can give your team:

  • Deeper data visibility for improved forecasting and increased understanding.
  • Comprehensive, centralized data access for seamless analysis and exploration.
  • Easy discovery with an AI-powered virtual analyst that is ready to answer any question.