July 28, 2023

Survival of the Smartest

In a world of hybrid work, our expectations have grown to include all the comfort and custom control of their space to be most productive


Don’t sleep on understanding the people part of the equation

Navigating “return to work” is top of mind for every company and its employees. Commercial real estate owners and operators are searching for ways to offer solutions to this same challenge. What is being lost in the solutions side of the conversation is a full understanding of what people truly want and expect to earn their commute. Employees have always embraced flexibility and convenience at work with popular programs like casual Fridays, summer hours, and work-from-home arrangements. In a world of hybrid work, our expectations have grown to include all the comfort and custom control of their space to be most productive. People still want to collaborate and connect on their own terms.


83% of employers said the shift to remote work had been successful for their companies
68% of executives still believed that a physical presence in the office was necessary
3.7 hours | The average amount of time millennials are spending daily on their mobile phone

Employers and Commercial Real Estate leaders should not swim against the current of what people want

Actual smart buildings provide a way to understand where people are, what they use, and what makes them most happy in your space. Not all digital tools will be successful. To survive the next generation of hybrid work, they must:  

Mobile First

Millennials spend an average of 3.7 hours daily on their mobile devices – valuing convenience, accessibility, and personalization in their mobile-first experiences.

No New Apps

People are no longer interested in cluttering their devices with countless apps, each serving a separate purpose. Instead, they're seeking streamlined, unified platforms that cater to multiple needs in one go. Single purpose apps are a thing of the past.

Embrace Automation

Provide fast and intuitive actions that don’t just connect essential workflows, but also integrate with enterprise systems they use every day. The less meaningless busy work the better.

Today, it is common to look for answers by piecing together single-purpose solutions that are too narrow in functionality, very hard to customize, and do not meet anyone’s definition of smart. Not by a long shot.  

Cohesion embraces the changing demands in the world of work and has designed our products to be flexible, simple, and connected. In a single app, we have launched a suite of products that connect your building and workplace systems to your people. The result is a next-generation smart building experience that can meet the challenges of hybrid work. Our customers can now answer the most difficult questions about the utilization of their space in a single place, at scale. No compromising on depth of functionality.  

By adopting a truly smart building platform – you're not just adapting to the future of hybrid work for people – you're actively shaping it. 

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