February 28, 2023

February 2023 Product Updates

What's New This Month At Cohesion

Chad Flores

One-click Booking for Flex Space Reservations 

Employees now have a faster way to book a desk or conference room when looking to find and reserve the perfect space to work for the day, right from the Cohesion app. With enhanced filtering of desks and conference room type, date, and time employees can see what spaces are available within their office are available. With this feature update, they now see a “Reserve Now” button on the front of the card and map. This enables immediate booking right from the Reservations “Discovery” page. People are only one-click away from reserving the perfect space in the office, on the go.   

Reservations via Outlook Calendar 

We’ve launched a quick and easy way to make conference room reservations from web or mobile app that integrates with Microsoft’s Outlook Calendar, so employees can now make a conference room reservation directly from the “Room” locations on their corporate calendar. A bi-directional integration ensures that any conference room(s) booked in Cohesion or in the Outlook Calendar are reflected in each system in real-time. This enhanced functionality provides employees with the easiest way to reserve an office space and for workplaces to understand space utilization. 

Azure Active Directory Single Sign On 

Simplify the process to provide employee(s) with login access to the full digital experience that Cohesion provides with the newest enterprise integration with Azure Active Directory for single sign on. No need to create a new username and password, employees can use their corporate login information to simplify the process of signing up for Cohesion. With this integration, enterprises can conveniently provide or revoke thousands of employees' access to Cohesion directly from Azure Active Directory as the central identity provider for the company. Create a seamless log-in experience and save administrative time and resources with Cohesion’s SSO integration.  

Apple Wallet 

With employee badges in Apple Wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch, you can streamline key distribution and management across your entire portfolio. Your Mobile Keycard in Apple Wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch seamlessly integrate into your company or building’s existing access control systems, and they are easily managed by your internal staff. So, getting started is quick and efficient and Mobile Keycards in Apple Wallet take full advantage of the privacy and security features built into iPhone and Apple Watch. They are stored on the device, which means Apple doesn’t see the places your employees or tenants access, so data is private and secure.  

Temperature Controls 

Increase the productivity of your employees with our new in-app temperature controls feature allowing you to take control of your office temperatures to create a more comfortable and personalized environment for your employees. With just a few clicks, your or your permissioned employees can easily view the temperatures in their spaces, allowing them to move to a more productive area, or quickly request a temperature adjustment like they do at home. 

Keyscan Aurora Occupancy Insights Update 

Earlier last fall, we launched the Keyscan Aurora access control integration to power our Mobile Keycard feature. As an enhancement to this integration, customers with Keyscan Aurora at their buildings will automatically receive enhanced occupancy insights. The number of unique people and what companies accessing the building are normalized and visualized on the Occupancy Insights Dashboard. Management staff can use these metrics and charts to better understand occupancy trends over time. Know things like what days and times are busiest and the number of tenant employees in the building. Cohesion delivers occupancy insights without the use of additional hardware, relays, or work-arounds – no 3rd parties needed. 

Genetec Visitors Integration 

Following the launch of our newest Genetec access control system integration, we have also launched Genetec Visitor functionality. Now customers with existing Genetec access control systems at their buildings have integrated access to the most popular Cohesion features like Visitor Management for automated emails with simple, secure QR code powered access to the building and spaces they need. Streamline your visitor management workflows and simplify visitor access invitations, while simultaneously reducing wait times when checking in at a busy lobby. Cohesion’s portfolio of smart access control integrations continues to grow and is the largest native access control library in the industry.  

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