March 15, 2023

Cohesion and Wavelynx partner to offer a comprehensive employee badge in Apple Wallet solution

In last month’s newsletter, we asked in a poll what you think the ideal staff to tenant ratio is and the responses were scattered:


Cohesion, the leading unified smart building and workplace technology company, announces a new integration and partnership with Wavelynx Technologies Corporation, an industry leader in secure, open and interoperable access control solutions. This partnership delivers support for employee badge in Apple Wallet which integrates with the ability to use the interoperable Wavelynx readers and any access control system for increased seamless experience and detailed occupancy insights.

“Management teams and workplaces are working to provide the most seamless digital badge access experience while capturing valuable data on space occupancy,” said Nik Patel CTO, and Co-Founder of Cohesion. “Our partnership with Wavelynx is enhancing the way our customers streamline the management of their access control and security while using employee badge in Apple Wallet to access their buildings and workplaces.”

Cohesion’s single unified platform for CRE owners and workplace teams provides access to intelligence and insights, digitized processes for streamlined operations, and engaging workplaces for employees and tenants. The partnership with Wavelynx is a critical addition to Cohesion’s industry leading robust library of integrations that powers enhanced experiences and actionable data. Despite recent supply chain challenges like chip shortages, Wavelynx remains a reliable partner by ensuring prompt deliverability. Coupled with Cohesion's deep integrations, Wavelynx provides clients a timely yet bespoke access control solution for their buildings.

“We are very excited to be growing our partnership with Cohesion. Our interoperable solution, combined with Cohesion’s unified software platform makes this a truly comprehensive Wallet solution for customers and users alike.” said Robert Lydic, President Wavelynx. “We look forward to supporting our customers with a seamless adoption of employee badge in Apple Wallet. ” 

By leveraging the Wavelynx reader portfolio combined with the integration into the Cohesion app, we’ve solidified a rapid and scalable implementation process that ensures customers have a quick and easy solution. The process included detailed solution design, partnership planning, and use case analysis. 

Cohesion and Wavelynx working together allows building and workplace management teams to receive occupancy data based on employee badge usage. These insights are the key to understanding the space utilization so they can make better decisions in this complex hybrid work environment.

“Our customers receive the accurate occupancy and usage data they need with a proven process that is extremely valuable and seamless for both teams,” said Patel. “Everything from choosing the reader location, ordering and installation is fast and easy and comes with Wavelynx as Cohesion's partner.”

About Cohesion 
Cohesion is a software platform that is leading the way in smart building and workplace technology – seamlessly connecting critical systems with the human ecosystem, simplifying management through transparent operations, and increasing asset value for owners by delivering better experiences and powerful insights. Cohesion offers a secure and comprehensive platform that harnesses building information by uniting workflows and disparate systems to provide actionable insights for improving building operations and enhancing employee experiences.  Cloud-based and IoT-enabled, Cohesion’s platform is customizable, scalable and optimizable to the latest technology developments in the market.  

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About Wavelynx

Wavelynx was founded in 2013 on the belief that simplicity and flexibility are the best path forward to simplify the integration of legacy, current and future technologies. We provide an open and secure access control platform that allows businesses to modernize authentication technology at the pace and path that is right for them.

We believe that credentials should seamlessly integrate into your workflows, that key management should be simpler to administer, and that migration should be at the pace and path that is right for your business. Our reader and credential solutions free businesses from the constraints of proprietary access control systems through flexibility, choice and control. With Wavelynx, customers have greater freedom to modernize their authentication technology for any end point, any system and any business.

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