December 20, 2023

Work Smart: Top 6 Product Highlights Of 2023

At the end of every year, as a product leader, I take stock of all the developments and enhancements to Cohesion that we have shipped in the last 12 months. I'm always impressed with how our Cohesion team continues to up the ante time and time again. Product success requires so many factors to work just right, but I believe that they stem from one of our Cohesion Core Values: Work Smart. It's defined as "We are curious. We change the "a-ha!" moment. We solve tomorrow's challenges." With that guiding force, we give ourselves the authority to look beyond the immediate and toward the bigger challenges that will eventually arise. We prioritize the creation of solutions that are innovative and flexible to deliver to customers and partners in the ways they need today and for tomorrow.

Chad Flores


Plan For Your People With AI

Over the past year, AI has taken the mainstream by storm. Cohesion’s focus is on purpose built AI enhance our most important features using building level data that solves specific customer problems. Our first launch in this area is Occupancy AI – powering your team to receive forecasts of people occupancy within the space, down to the tenant or team. OccupancyAI can transform how space utilization and people flow are managed in facilities. Leveraging dynamic occupancy insights, it has enabled accurate predictions of real-time space usage, streamlining operational processes. The AI-based forecasts have been instrumental in facilitating reliable decision-making, significantly enhancing operational efficiency. This technological advancement has also contributed to an increase in asset value and a reduction in operational costs. Planning smarter for your people in the space is now fueled by AI, only with Cohesion.

Employee Badge In Apple Wallet

Unlock Your Space – Fast, Simple, Secure

This year’s introduction of the Employee Badge in Apple Wallet feature has marked a significant advancement in access technology. By enabling the storage of mobile keycards in Apple Wallet, users can now quickly and easily access buildings using their iPhones and Apple Watches, even when these devices are powered off. This update has enhanced user privacy by eliminating the need for the location setting to be always active, thus also removing Apple tracking notifications. The Wallet’s capacity to hold multiple credentials simplifies access to various buildings and suites, enhancing user convenience.

81% adoption of all users on Day 1 of launch

One-Click, Recurring, And Outlook Integrations And Reservations

Unlock Your Space –A Day At the Office,Exactly How You Like It Fast, Simple, Secure

This year, the reservations feature has significantly enhanced how office spaces are utilized and managed. The intuitive app interface allows users to easily view and appreciate the full range of amenities available in their space, facilitating reservations with just a few clicks. With comprehensive details about building facilities readily accessible, users can make informed decisions about their office space needs. The feature also includes the capability to view, reserve, and pay for equipment usage in real-time, adding convenience and efficiency.

Temperature Controls

Enabling the Comfort and Control of the Employee Experience

The temperature controls feature introduced this year has significantly enhanced occupant comfort by allowing instant temperature adjustments via a user-friendly Cohesion UI. Building engineers have saved considerable time, as the system efficiently manages who can alter settings through customized roles and permissions. Operational efficiency has been boosted by limiting adjustments to a predefined range, which also helps in reducing maintenance costs. The feature provides valuable insights by monitoring adjustments and system operations, enabling a proactive approach to addressing issues and improving system performance. Overall, this innovation encapsulates our commitment to enabling the comfort and control of the employee experience, marking a notable advancement in our building management solutions.

60% of all service requests are too hot or too cold temperature requests


Visibility Into Every Assets Current Condition

This year, the commercial real estate national portfolio inspections feature has redefined quality assurance in property management. Utilizing a versatile tool, management teams have been able to conduct thorough audits of building systems through scheduled walkthroughs with engineering and facility management. The feature allows for the customization of a standard inspection form, tailored to each portfolio of spaces, enhancing the precision of assessments. Inspections are streamlined by setting automated recurrence, due dates, and default assignees, ensuring regular and timely evaluations. Any issues identified during inspections are efficiently flagged as action items, allowing the operations team to swiftly address them.

Over 18M sf of commercial real estate is evaluated with the Inspections platform at launch.


All of It, Everywhere, All At Once

To wrap up the year, Cohesion introduced an updated Insights Dashboard with new transparency into Occupancy and Utilization across your space, revolutionizing space management in commercial real estate and enterprise workplaces. By utilizing our industry leading access control integrations, advanced occupancy sensors, and a combination of all the activity on the Cohesion platform, the dashboard provides detailed space utilization reporting, offering insights into how various areas like conference rooms, desks, and open spaces are used throughout the day and week. These metrics have enabled significant cost savings, improved productivity, and more informed decision-making, while also enhancing tenant and employee experiences and ensuring compliance with safety regulations. The reporting feature empowers managers to create work environments that are not only efficient and optimized but also people-friendly, contributing positively to the overall success of the business. Cohesion data has set a new standard in comprehensive and intelligent space management.

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