Feature Spotlight: Occupancy Reporting, Touchless Controls, and More

We are continuously working towards enhancing our platform. Check out what features we’ve been working on.

Occupancy Reporting

Our platform collects occupancy data from a variety of occupancy sensors. This allows tenants to monitor real-time occupancy of key shared spaces, bathrooms, and common areas. Property managers can track historical and real-time occupancy trends, and property owners have visibility into building leasing and people density trends.

Elevator Integration

Cohesion provides in-app elevator controls for building occupants via integration to the elevator management system. Users can seamlessly request elevators via their mobile device without touching any physical buttons.

Air Quality Sensor Recommendations

As part of our Indoor Air Quality optimization program, Cohesion’s team works with you to identify air quality sensors that best suit your needs. We also work with you to map your space and identify the optimal placement of the sensors.

Community Groups

Connect with people in your building who share interests with you. From community groups such as the Runners Club to Alumni groups, Cohesion joins people together.

To learn more about Cohesion’s intelligent building platform, schedule your demo today.

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