Increase healthy building outcomes through touchless tools. 

If it’s not connected, then it’s not seamless. Deliver a healthy building to your occupants by providing touchless tools to reduce surfaces touched.

Touchless. Made Simple.

Clamping down on the spread of germs means reducing the number of surfaces people need to touch. With Cohesion’s app, tenants can use their phones to enter the building, without having to swipe a physical keycard or talk to building security. Once people enter the building, they can also use Cohesion to call the elevator and direct it to the appropriate floor, eliminating contact with elevator buttons, some of the most touched areas in a building.

Your tenants are further empowered with the ability to give guests easy, touchless access. When tenants schedule their visitors in the app, visitors receive a QR code that grants them access to the building and the elevator for the duration of their visit.

Access Control Integration

Our true bi-directional software integrations maximize the potential of your access control system. 

Role + Permission-Based Platform

Tenant managers can add and remove users directly for their own company, and the credentials go with them.  No more two-step processes to update credentials in multiple systems. And you’ll see less administrative work for the property management team.


Instant Access Updates

When users sign up in the Cohesion app for access to spaces like parking garages or bike rooms or fitness centers, as soon as the request is approved, the mobile credentials are updated in Cohesion.


Safety + Security

Our access control integrations power secure features like mobile credentials and elevator call buttons.  Rest assured that your security processes are always in place.

In-House Integrations

Our solutions engineers excel at access control integrations. We’ll work directly with your vendor to rapidly integrate your system into Cohesion.  


Mobile Keycard

One app. All-access.

Your Keycard. In Your Phone.

We integrate with Bluetooth reader vendors to embed mobile credentials in the app. 

Secure Access.

Mobile credentials are seamlessly tied to access control permissions, ensuring only approved access is granted.


Multiple Buildings. One App.

Our platform allows for multi-building access and ensures that permissions are tailored to each building. 


Access from Parking Garage to Tenant Floor.

Through the installation of Bluetooth readers and integrated access control systems, Cohesion gives users the ability to use their phones to enter the garage, the main building, clear the turnstiles, and call an elevator.  

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Visitor Management

Our standalone visitor management system elevates the visitor experience from invitation to departure.  

Timebound QR Code Credentials

Visitors receive timebound QR code credentials the day of their visit, reducing touch points and wait times in the lobby.


Scheduling & Notifications

Users can easily schedule visits and receive notifications when the visitor arrives in the building.


Enhanced Security

Building staff can audit visitor lists and create a watch list for non-approved visitors, enhancing building security processes.



Visitor Management

Provide a secure, healthy, and premium building experience with an in-app elevator call button.

Elevator Call Button

Touchless Without Destination Dispatch

Our platform gives you a touchless elevator tool without a costly destination dispatch upgrade.

In-App Elevator Call Button

By connecting to the elevator management systems via API, we move the elevator button from the wall to your phone, so you only touch the wall button if you want.

Secure Floor Access

Cohesion’s access control system integration ensures that users can only call an elevator to the floors that they are permitted to access.

Premium Occupant Experience

Delight tenants with a smart building control that also reduces physical touchpoints with the building.

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Say hello to touchless tools