3 things you didn't know about Paige

1) Is an accomplished aviator holding Commercial Pilot, and Flight Instructor certifications.
2) Enjoys participating in National Novel Writing Month.
3) Her affinity for Hot Sauce could, given the right circumstances, save the world someday.

Paige Rudnick

Senior Software Developer

With over 16 years in industry along with her Master’s in Computer Science, Paige understands the difference between theory and practice well: In theory nothing, in practice everything.

Paige began her career when JavaScript, and .NET were still relatively new. Together, they marched into the future giving Paige a deep understanding of how these foundational technologies of today work. In addition, from doing embedded development on a Smart Eye Patch that could sense if it was being worn or not, to working with sensors to ensure paper machines fabricated corrugated board of high quality as well as to spec, to implementing logic that split a series of photographs into groups of the same subject, Paige has gained experience mapping data from the physical world into the digital realm.

Paige became a creator of new knowledge by way of earning her advanced degree from the University of Minnesota. This is a skill she’s found to be most useful in helping to ensure not only that the right things get built, but that those things get built right. At present Paige’s pursuit of knowledge continues as she believes a good engineer, and a good person, has a commitment to lifelong learning.

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