3 things you didn't know about Nik

1) He loves playing ping-pong, volleyball, and Cricket.

2) He loves debating ANY technology topics.

3) He enjoys doing Garba (traditional Dance of Gujarat, India).

Nik Patel

Chief Technology Officer + Co-Founder

As Chief Technology Officer, Nik is responsible for leading execution of software development efforts to achieve the company’s vision and goals.

Nik is a technologist with an entrepreneur mindset. Over the 10+ years of his career, Nik has continued to work on numerous technology stacks, database systems, and IT infrastructure to create scalable, resilient, and adaptable software systems. Nik has a keen ability to take an idea from concept to inception with limited resources and specializes in finding an optimal technology solution that fits the market needs. He has worked with a variety of businesses ranging from indie hackers to enterprises.

Nik holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Gujarat Technological University and M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Springfield. Nik strongly believes in "Paying it forward.” He is actively learning more about different cultures, studying software engineering ethics, and promoting diversity in the technology industry.

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