3 things you didn't know about Mitchell

1) He has undergone several career switches and has worked as a Concrete Cutter, EMT, and a Chicago Police Department Intern
2) He ran the Chicago marathon in 2018
3) He and his fiancée Melissa fostered several dogs until finally adopting their last foster dog Martini

Mitchell Annis

Implementation Lead

As an Implementation Lead for Cohesion, Mitchell is tasked with implementing Cohesion’s intelligent building technology and insuring that all client needs are addressed. Mitchell has 5+ years of experience working directly with clients in the education technology and legal industries. Through this experience, Mitchell has developed an affinity for working with people using out of the box thinking to resolve complex problems. Mitchell adores interacting with people and strives to create meaningful lasting relationships.

Mitchell graduated from Illinois State University with a BS in Criminal Justice Sciences. Outside of work, Mitchell loves the outdoors, biking long distances, and makes an effort to go camping every year. Mitchell is engaged to his longtime girlfriend of 8 years Melissa to be married in the summer of 2022.

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