3 things you didn't know about Michael

1) Has worked many odd jobs through college. He has been a porter at a bowling alley, a construction laborer, a wedding videographer, a low voltage electrician, and a bike rental attendant at Navy Pier.​

2) He knows how to develop film and print pictures from the resulting negatives. He particularly enjoys using double exposure to create abstract images.

3) Michael spent his honeymoon in Japan where he visited 8 different cities over the course of 18 days. During this trip, he took up close pictures with deer, watched the final round of the Nippon Series, and offered 1000 paper cranes at the Children’s Peace Monument in Hiroshima.

Michael Flatley

Product Manager

As a Product Owner at Cohesion, Michael is responsible for managing the product bug and feature backlog as well as the product roadmap. His focus is to ensure that development resources are being leveraged towards work that will provide the most value to users and stakeholders.

Michael has over 5 years of experience supporting, analyzing, and managing software products; most recently working as a Product Manager in the digital marketing space. He has experience collaborating with cross-functional teams to create delivery timelines and identify dependencies for new feature development. He has had to create reports and run data analysis on software functional areas to assist with prioritization and to inform product roadmap decisions.

Michael has a MS in Computer Science from Loyola University Chicago, where his coursework focused on software engineering, design, and analysis. He has continued his education by taking Lean and Six Sigma courses and receiving his Product Management certification from the Pragmatic Institute.

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