3 things you didn't know about Isaac

1) He competed for 5 years as an amateur Strongman, and even won a competition.

2) He once had his eyelashes freeze shut on a February backpacking trip through Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park.

3) He was two pitches from the top of North America’s longest bolted sport route, but had to rappel back down due to forest fires.

Isaac Townsend

Senior Product Manager - Building Automation Engineer

As a Product Manager at cohesion, Isaac bridges the gap between people, technology, and building systems to develop strategy and innovation within the smart building space.

Isaac spent 8 years managing mechanical construction projects, ranging from large data centers, research laboratories, to Interiors. Prior to joining cohesion, he was using IoT platforms to harvest and automate the handling of building data to reduce energy consumption. Isaac works cross-functionally to push technology, drive change, and tackle novel challenges.

Isaac holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University. Outside of work, he can be found hacking, backpacking, rock climbing, running, biking, open water swimming, and eventually collapsed somewhere from exhaustion.

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