3 things you didn't know about Christopher

1) Is an Eagle Scout. While in the Boy Scouts he backpacked for 10 days in the Rocky Mountains and canoed in the Canadian boundary waters for over a week.

2) His first car was a 1968 Ford Galaxie his dad bought him for $500. He spent about as much time working on it as he did driving it, but it started a lifelong fascination with car mechanics.

3) He plays electric bass and guitar and has played in bands since he was fifteen.

Christopher Brodt

Lead Elixir Engineer

Chris is an experienced software engineer who has focused on building scalable and reliable distributed systems. He began using Elixir

because of its legendary reputation in the telecoms industry and quickly fell in love with the tools it provides for fault tolerance and concurrent programming. He's excited to apply his expertise to building Cohesion's IoT platform.

Born and raised in Oklahoma where he originally studied Political Science, he has an unquenchable drive to understand how things work and can be improved. When not fixing something in their 100-year-old home, he likes to spend time with his partner Marthe and their 8 month old puppy, Ruby.

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