3 things you didn't know about Byron

1) His first job/hustle was selling mixtape CDs to classmates who would write out their list of songs on paper and give it to him to download and burn.

2) He was named "Most Likely to be Famous" my senior year in high school.

3) He enjoys weightlifting and cycling.

Byron Thompson

Front-End Engineer

As a Front-End Engineer, Byron's job is to design, build, implement, and optimize amazing user interfaces. His primary goal is to meet business requirements while keeping the user and their needs front and center.

He is a Full Sail University and Tech Elevator Graduate with over 7 years of experience developing reporting and ecommerce platforms. He is a Full-stack developer and avid frontend enthusiast specializing in modern frontend JavaScript frameworks. He enjoys building aesthetically pleasing user experiences. He also enjoys taking a vision and bringing it to life.

His last position working in the FinTech sector was spent building analytic and reporting platforms for mutual fund managers, accountants, and investors.

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