3 things you didn't know about Avanthi

1) She loves planting trees and playing the Shuttlecock game.

2) Avanthi loves to learn new technologies and playing around by implementing them.

3) She loves learning about different cultures.

Avanthi Nannapaneni

Android Developer

Avanthi has spent the past 7 years working exclusively in mobile and web development. She brings extensive experience as a developer, leads in an organized manner, and brings a detail-oriented work ethic to her position. She started her career as a .NET Developer and received a number of certifications that allowed her to transition into her role as an Android Developer. Avanthi is now working towards Technical Project Management.

She works with her team and handles multiple projects in a seamless manner that allows her to execute projects in a timely manner.

Avanthi holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from India and a Master of Science Degree in Science and Technology from Pittsburg State University.

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