3 things you didn't know about Andrew

1) He once camped on a snow-covered mountain in Colorado when the temperature was 10° Fahrenheit.
2) He was on a fencing team in high school and won several tournaments.
3) He used to be an active members of the Chicago Parkour community and was once featured on an episode of Chicago Tonight about Parkour.

Andrew Zumhagen

Scala Engineer

Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. Andrew has 6+ years of experience in Software Development primarily in the insurance and mapping industries. During this time, he has worked with a wide variety of technologies; his primarily focus has been building highly available, scalable and fault-tolerant distributed systems, primarily in Scala.

Andrew holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Governors State University. He worked as an IT consultant for several years before obtaining his undergraduate degree and has had a passion for all things related to technology his entire life. He is also passionate about running, music, movies (especially 80’s B films) and being outdoors.

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