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Flexible, Scalable, Future-Proof

Cohesion delivers instant value across   multiple use cases - whether you're   managing corporate offices or  institutional portfolios.


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Return to a  Healthy Building

Cohesion's return suite lets building owners and managers respond to changes in building usage with agility, as well as instill confidence in a healthy environment.

Enable Remote Work

Manage user and building access

Submit deep cleaning requests

Schedule a staggered arrival

Post return to building protocols

Go Touchless

Hover over card readers with a mobile keycard

Call the elevator in-app as you approach it

Email QR codes to pre-approved visitors


Send mass communications to all occupants

Showcase deep cleans on the building calendar

Trigger auto-generated emails featuring building health and updates

Leverage Intelligence

View indoor air quality, optimized through Artificial Intelligence

Adjust staffing and cleaning based on occupancy trends

Extend a tenant suite's HVAC schedule automatically


Benchmark  Across Portfolios

Cohesion's insights platform leverages data to uncover anomalies across buildings and enable informed decision-making.

Tenant Engagement + Leasing

Leverage platform usage data and tenant occupancy trends to predict space needs

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Property Team Performance

Measure team accountability through ancillary income generation, tenant engagement, and staff responsiveness

Budgeting  & Financial Performance

Drive revenue through amenity optimization and mitigate unexpected capital costs through predictive maintenance and fault detection

Energy Management & Sustainability

Track energy use and sustainable practices to gauge impact and apply learnings

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Manage Corporate Offices

Connect your global offices with Cohesion's corporate platform to increase security, drive productivity, and attract talent.

Streamline Access

Manage employee access to tenant spaces

Increase security with mobile keycards

Invite visitors and provide access directions

Email QR codes to pre-approved visitors

Gain permissioned access to other corporate offices

Manage Space

Implement a hot desking system for flexible workspaces

Reserve conference rooms for meetings and events

Prioritize and approve room booking requests

Analyze space usage for more effective layouts

Stay Informed

Send emergency communications to all employees

Monitor air quality within tenant spaces

View nearby transit options, with real time arrival information

Gain Insights

Analyze space usage for more effective layouts

Adjust support staff based on occupancy trends

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