Cohesion Smart Building Platform Solutio


Are your buildings the kind people talk about?

Cohesion's intelligent building platform integrates building systems, streamlines operations, and connects tenants and operators to deliver actionable insights.


Cohesion Smart Building Platform Engage

Engage Tenants.

Go beyond information portals. Differentiate and make your building sticky. Deliver unparalleled tenant experiences.


Communicate building updates and events

Chat with management, concierge, and peers

Push emergency notifications

Convey local government restrictions

Visualize indoor air quality and ensure safety

Touchless Access

Touchless elevator controls

Smart bathrooms

Digital keycards

Community Features

See what's happening in the building via calendar

Find promotions from retailers in your building or area

Discover what's nearby

Create community affinity groups


Streamline Operations.

Provide your operations teams with digital tools to eliminate manual workstreams. Integrate your existing systems into a single portal.

Take Control

Trigger cleanings based on usage, not on schedules

Remediate poor air quality before tenants are alerted

Manage vendor protocols and control entry points, including deliveries

Monitor key building indicators with KPI dashboard


Operate Remotely

Manage documents from anywhere

Set up recurring service requests for cleaning protocols

Post policies and protocols for building operators and tenants

Schedule labor according to building occupancy

Remote adjust HVAC

Cohesion Smart Building Platform Insight

Collect Insights.

Provide owners with the most relevant asset management information for transparency into operations and insights for increasing asset value.

Understand Your Assets

Through dashboards and insights, understand every relevant aspect of operations

With a digital twin, observe in real time the virtual representation of the building

Understand what affects your buildings: humans, systems, and infrastructure

Increase Value

Focus on your triple bottom line

Decrease unnecessary spend

Reduce expenses by making the building predictive versus reactive

Enhance sustainability initiatives

Promote a greener environment


Are you ready? Talk to  our team to make your buildings the kind people talk about.