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Updated: 5 days ago

Our app has a new look! The Cohesion product team has been hard at work redesigning the home screen of our mobile app. The team took a very thoughtful, research-based approach to the design process.

The industry we serve, Commercial Real Estate, has been rapidly changing. Likewise, our product has grown tremendously. We’ve added new features for tenant users, and our home screen needed to reflect this expanded functionality. Building occupants now have access to things like touchless controls, visibility into air quality, and occupancy metrics. We know from our survey results that air quality and self-service technologies are some of the top priorities of building occupants post-pandemic, and our app reflects these user priorities to create the new building experience.

The mobile app home screen includes five key components.

1. Building Health

At the top of the screen, you’ll see building health metrics including real-time air quality metrics and occupancy information.

2. Announcements

The interactive announcements section allows users to quickly see building notifications, announcements, and warnings in one place.

3. Quick Actions

Use the quick action buttons to easily reserve an amenity, call an elevator, or add a visitor.

4. Upcoming

Quickly view your week at a glance in the upcoming section. See the visitors that you have scheduled and amenities booked.

5. Building Events

The final section displays building events such as a happy hour or retail promotions.

Check out the new design in your app! If you don’t have the Cohesion app, request a demo from our team for a closer look at the new home screen.

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