• Allison Noelle

The 5 Core Values Driving Cohesion Through Crisis

Updated: May 3

To say that 2020 has been a challenging year is an understatement.

The magnitude of events that have transpired over the last 11 months has changed our lives dramatically. With the sudden need to adapt to new ways of life and work, we realized how important it is to put our core values in the spotlight.

Cohesion’s Core Values

1. Integrity

We always do what is right and with the highest ethical standards. We acknowledge and embrace human diversity of all forms within our company and strive to include others. In doing so, our customers, employees, investors, and shareholders will benefit.

2. Commitment

We take ownership and accountability for our work. We demonstrate flexibility and go above and beyond our individual duties for the greater good of the business and our customers.

3. Ingenuity

We examine problems from all angles to create comprehensive solutions. We address the current and future needs of our customers and society. We strive to optimize the ecosystem.

4. Continuous improvement

We are ambitious, always on a journey to build our expertise and enhance the solutions we provide. We collaborate with customers and partners to always deliver the utmost quality in our products and services.

5. Meaningful interactions

We add value through our products and services by building meaningful connections inside the built environment to ensure true interoperability. We do not believe in wasted time, meaningless work, or siloed efforts.

As a result of this year, we have begun to view our guiding principles in a different light. These 5 core values have taken on a deeper level of significance for our organization. With office work turning remote, the significance of meaningful interactions carries so much more weight. The sudden adjustments to work and personal life call for more ingenuity and continuous improvement than ever before. Recent societal and political events have reminded us how important it is to be committed to working and living with integrity.

With the future of commercial office buildings in question, we recognize how much it matters to our employees, investors, customers and partners to remember why they committed to us in the first place. Our values serve as that reminder. Navigating uncertain times is difficult for everyone. It is easier to adapt to unanticipated change when you have a solid foundation of principles and a clear driving purpose.

Now more than ever, it is important to do work that is meaningful and genuinely helps the greater good. What we are doing can change the world. That driving force remains at the forefront of our operations. At Cohesion, we have great buildings and good humans.

Here at Cohesion, we are trailblazers. Though the trail may get bumpy, we can rely on what we stand for at our core to get us through.

If your personal values align with those of our company and you’re interested in joining our team, check out our careers page or send an email to careers@cohesionib.com.


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