3 things you didn't know about Michelle

1) She thinks she has the potential to be a water sommelier (it’s really a thing!). She once had a blind taste test of over 10 brands of bottled water at home and was able to tell the differences.

2) Her 2 cats have a more active social media presence than her.

3) The thing she missed the most in New York is Eiji Ichimura's sushi.

Michelle Huang

Strategy + Product Manager Intern

As cohesion's Strategy + Product Manager intern, Michelle collaborates with stakeholders to understand user needs, development implications and business goals to set the vision for the product and build roadmaps and strategies to reach that vision.


Currently, Michelle is a fulltime graduate student, pursuing an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and MS in Computer Science from the University of Chicago.


Prior to business school, Michelle was a senior strategy lead at Citigroup where she solved unstructured problems for the C-suites and Board of Directors. During the summer before business school, she interned at a automobile and voice AI venture to conduct market research and competitor analysis for the CEO.


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