Kurt Karnatz

Board Member

President of ESD

Kurt Karnatz, President of ESD, has been leading the company as a world-recognized building systems and technologies consulting practice for over 30 years. As a strategic leader, consultant and engineer, he is focused on creating better economic, environmental and experiential outcomes in the built environment through connecting people with building systems. His collaborative approach and track record of accomplishments has earned the trust of corporate real estate clients in finance, high-tech, pharma, medical, energy and beyond, while establishing ESD’s expertise in building sciences, intelligent buildings, workplace optimization and smart cities.

As President, he leads a team of global thinkers who are admired for their innovative approach in creating sustainable solutions. ESD focuses on solutions that optimize the human experience, productivity, efficiency, reliability, and adaptability – resulting in user happiness, competitive advantage, differentiation and enterprise value for its clients.


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