Why Healthy Air Quality Matters at the Office

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Cohesion's VP of Product Ren Wang and Data Scientist Tara Larrue unpack the benefits of good indoor air quality (IAQ) at the office and explore the future of managing IAQ through autonomous building technology.

Tenants care about clean air in the office, and the rise of IAQ monitoring technologies are only the beginning of an oncoming evolution around how we create cleaner spaces and manage building health and wellness. A healthy building not only gives tenants peace of mind but also has real impacts on human health and productivity in the workplace.

In this webinar, they explore the importance of indoor air quality as people return to work and examine how an autonomous building platform enables efficient and comprehensive management and monitoring of a building’s air quality.

This webinar goes over the importance of IAQ, how IAQ is currently managed and the shortcomings of disparate systems, and the future of IAQ through the lens of an integrated platform.

To watch the full webinar, visit https://youtu.be/7YX1sfAudoE.