Data for an Engaging, Healthy, and Green Building

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Cohesion’s CEO, Thru Shivakumar, and Justin Daab, Chief Product Officer, discuss the power of leveraging data for elevating building health and sustainability initiatives through autonomous building technology.

Autonomous technology provides more than conveniences for tenants. Smart buildings are the foundational building blocks of smart cities, which are the path to larger health and sustainability initiatives. Reducing emissions is only the beginning; energy consumption can be further optimized through adaptive spaces powered by data and autonomous technology.

In this webinar, they discuss how integrated platforms empower both macro and microscopic sustainability initiatives, create healthier buildings, and a more engaging human experience.

This webinar addresses how economic incentives are aligning to incentivize healthier, greener buildings, how an integrated platform can support sustainability initiatives and create healthier spaces, and how leveraging data and automation can simultaneously optimize energy consumption and create a more engaging experience through adaptive spaces.

Thru Shivakumar states, " o There are 3 fundamental problems that are colliding right now in the market. First is that because of the pandemic, healthy buildings have become a focus for building occupants – this is specifically related to the air they breathe and the surfaces they touch. 2nd is that workplaces need to be flexible to accommodate a hybrid workforce. In a recent study done by PWC, 87% of companies intend to return to the physical office – but in a more hybrid way. That means that buildings will be constantly challenged by the changing needs of the tenants and employees. And finally the necessity for buildings to play their part in climate change is now. Buildings are Phase 1 of the Climate Accord and need to make concerted efforts to reduce their carbon footprint."

To view the full webinar, visit our YouTube page.