Cohesion CEO Speaks on What Makes a Building Smart

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Nexus is a newsletter and podcast for smart people applying smart building technology — hosted by James Dice. The Nexus podcast offers a chance to explore and learn with the brightest in our industry —together. James Dice, the host, is a researcher at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

Episode 7 of Nexus is a conversation with Thru Shivakumar, CEO and Co-Founder of Cohesion, an intelligent building software platform.

Cohesion's smart building platform bundles into a single application for tenants, operators, and owners. Real estate owners can easily facilitate workstreams, manage employees through access control, and use data to understand how visitors use their spaces and plan for maximum usage. Tenants are empowered to use features like mobile keycards to easily access their buildings and smart elevators to go to their destination in a touchless manner. Operators can leverage Cohesion's Digital Twin technology to establish rules as parameters for regular operations that could help with maintenance planning and budgeting if any problems occur and use the platform's IAQ Optimization program to give tenants transparency their building health while optimizing indoor air quality.

The podcast discusses what makes a building intelligent and how deep system integrations help with that. It mentions the importance of digital twins, what they're used for, and the operating savings to be had by using them.

It covers some of the misalignment of incentives in real estate and highlights how Cohesion is making buildings smart with its IoT-enabled platform.