Accelerating the Transition to Smart Buildings

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Nik Patel led a presentation at this year's Leading Entrepreneurs Conference.

Leading Entrepreneurs of the World is one of the most comprehensive entrepreneurial platforms and events in the world and features entrepreneurs, founders and business leaders presenting on cutting-edge topics and the latest industry developments.

Nik Patel spoke on the future of autonomous buildings and the impact it'll have on the commercial real estate industry. By combining data from beacons, card readers, personal devices, air quality sensors, occupancy sensors, HVAC devices, and energy monitors, buildings can contextualize this data to powerful building autonomy. This includes visibility into real-time analytics and insights, automated building controls, demand-driven, and self-optimizing building operations, and balancing healthy building efforts with lower energy consumption.

Watch the panel to learn more:

About Cohesion
Founded in 2018, Cohesion helps commercial buildings better integrate disparate
systems into a smart building SaaS platform. It empowers real estate owners to maximize
asset and portfolio value with all building systems, workflows and people seamlessly
connected in one solution. The vertically integrated platform improves health and
wellness, experience, efficiency, and sustainability. Cohesion provides the industry’s most
comprehensive data, enabling operators to enhance tenant experience, save money,
and increase operational transparency. Cohesion is a spin-off venture of ESD, a leading
Chicago-based global engineering design firm at the forefront of next generation
building design. For more information, visit and follow @CohesionIB.