Feature-rich engagement app

The  most comprehensive building experience app in the market

Designed with deep system integrations, cohesion offers endless feature capabilities benefiting all users whether they are physically in the building or working remotely

  • Communications

  • Building calendar

  • Fitness & wellness

  • Transportation

  • Indoor air quality

  • Mobile key card

  • Visitor management

  • User & role management

  • Document management

  • Access control

  • Maintenance management

  • Amenity reservations

  • Vendor management

  • Payments & invoicing

  • Occupancy / space utilization

  • Service requests

  • Tenant engagement

  • Amenity usage / ROI

  • Utility management

       and more...

Designed with complete flexibility

Cohesion delivers a uniquely personal experience to each user

Highlight the distinct offerings of each building and provide each user with the feature and functionality access that is most relevant to them