Voice of the Employee, Part II

A follow-up survey of employee priorities for workplace office buildings in the midst of a global pandemic

In 2019, Cohesion conducted its inaugural global survey to gauge the sentiments of employees who worked in office buildings. Participants responded to questions about the desire for technology in office buildings, the future of the office, and building app usage.


In early 2020, Cohesion relaunched its survey but also added questions on pandemic employment status and remote employee likes and dislikes. The second of a two-part series, the survey was conducted again in the fall of 2020 with over 1,000 employees who primarily worked in an office building prior to the pandemic. The aggregated data was then analyzed and compared to both the survey conducted in May 2020 as well as the 2019 survey.


This report contains key insights into what employees desire from their workplace now that many workers have been primarily working from home for at least nine months. It catalogues what has changed since May 2020 and what has stayed the same in employee outlooks, giving buildings a solid playbook on how to best prepare for the return of office employees.

Cohesion Voice of the Employee Part II.p

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