3 things you didn't know about Elizabeth

Elizabeth Merchut

Senior Marketing Manager

As Senior Marketing Manager, Elizabeth is responsible for Cohesion’s brand strategy. She plays a key role in building the Cohesion brand and driving growth.


Elizabeth is a marketing expert with a demonstrated track record of developing and executing an integrated marketing and communications campaigns from end-to-end. Elizabeth’s experience comes from working in highly regulated B2B industries including aerospace, transportation, defense, and medical. She holds a BFA in Visual Communications from Truman State University.

1) She grew up in Iowa, went to school in Missouri, and has been living and working in Illinois for 7 years.  

2) She loves playing strategy games and own (almost) every expansion pack for Settlers of Catan. 

3) She learned how to make pasta noodles from scratch in Florence on her honeymoon, and enjoys recreating that dish with her husband. 

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