3 things you didn't know about Drew

1) He is a member of the Frank Lloyd Wright trust here in Chicago, and almost became an Architect!

2) He used to be an Uber driver, where he met his first software boss as a passenger!

3) He is also currently in the midst of an antique car restoration.​

Drew Maloney

Senior Data Engineer

As a Data Engineer at Cohesion, Drew is responsible for handling the vast amount of data that Cohesion sees every day. His focus nowadays is rolling out our new Digital Twin platform, helping to create the first truly autonomous building.


Drew has spent his career here in Chicago tech holding various roles. From pre-seed startups to fortune 500 companies, Drew has always focused on entrepreneurial efforts building new technologies and business lines. He has worked across the entire stack, now settling into data to continue his passion for Artificial Intelligence.


Drew is a self taught engineer that first began programming at age 8, and on more than one occasion broke the family computer from taking it apart. Outside of work he is passionate about Architecture, Design, History, Dancing, and Mid Century everything.


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