Real  intelligence. Real operational improvements. All in real time. 

Cohesion is a Building Experience App that integrates building systems, enhances tenant experiences, provides smart controls, and delivers actionable insights for commercial real estate. 

Customer Testimonials

At 77 West Wacker Drive, we have created an occupant experience that is exceptionally modern in an established building. Cohesion’s platform enables us to entirely transform the occupant experience by tying together an integrated technology stack to create a safer and healthier work environment.”

Myrna Coronado-Brookover, Senior Vice President and General Manager at 77 West Wacker Drive 


Tenants can access their entire building through the app, providing a frictionless experience.


Easily chat with management and receive notifications about building updates and protocols.

Mobile Keycard
Touchless entry throughout the building is enabled with mobile keycards. 

Touchless Elevator
Summon an elevator directly in the app. 

Visitor Management
Schedule visitors and provide them touchless access throughout the building with one click via the app. 

See what’s happening in the building, find promotions from retailers, and discover what’s nearby. 

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Promote health and safety throughout the building. Provide your operations teams with digital tools to eliminate manual workstreams.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
Real-time IAQ monitoring allows the building to both monitor and adjust airflow to maintain safe air quality levels ithroughout the building by using real-time IAQ monitoring. The building is then given full access to and transparency about air quality allowing them to gain trust and peace of mind that the building is providing a safe work environment. 

Remote Operations
Common requests including service requests, after-hours access, amenity reservations, vendor approval, and Certificate of Insurance (COI) management are offered directly through the app. 

Automated Cleaning Schedule
Cleaning schedules are automatically generated for spaces such as elevator systems. 

Feature coming soon



Make your building more efficient and easier to manage. Provide owners with the most relevant asset management information.

HVAC Controls, Scheduling, & Payment

Enable smart controls to deliver after hours HVAC scheduling and payment

Digital Twin

A virtual representation serving as the backbone for data collection and analytics, enabling autonomous actions

Actionable Insights
Through dashboards and insights, understand every relevant aspect of operations with unlimited data. 

Increased Value
Reduce expenses by making the building predictive instead of reactive, all while enhancing sustainability initiatives, and promoting a greener environment. 


Pick a plan for you.

Tiered plans for your business needs.

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Tenant Experience


Tenant Experience


Smart Controls

Streamlined Operation Workflows


Tenant Experience


Smart Controls

Streamlined Operation Workflows

Intelligence: Digital Twin/ IoT Platform

Indoor air quality monitoring/ optimization (Performance Only)

Public facing website

Other software integrations



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