3 things you didn't know about Chris

Christopher Coté

Chief Technology Officer

Christopher is a software engineer with a passion for hardware and product development.

He was a lead engineer for the Obama 2012 campaign and has helped found and build several startups around the Chicago area.

Christopher has always found himself driven to create sustainable and efficient systems, whether that's for massive political campaigns, growing food or controlling and monitoring the built world.

This experience has given him a unique insight into how technology and the built world coexist in society today and will continue to evolve into the future.

1) He's been married for eight years and has 3 boys, Oliver, Finn, and Xander

2) He owns a hotel in Fennville, MI, built in 1913, where his family has been riding out the pandemic, and a 2 flat in Chicago, built in 1925

3) He was born in Detroit, and grew up in the suburbs, but has now lived in Chicago longer than he lived in Michigan

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